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B2B … Social Media Style

(Social Media – Business to Business)

SIX WAYS SOCIAL MEDIA CAN HELP Businesses Support One Another

Think about it! Nearly every work day we come across a business or business person that we appreciate for their outstanding service. Whether it is quality carpet cleaning, a graphic designer, or a delicious meal at a restaurant, we like to share our positive experiences. We want those we know and care about to benefit from what we have learned, and in-turn ask them to do the same. Naturally, I believe in “passing it on,” to promote others. And to keep life interesting, I try to never keep “a good thing” a secret!

With that in mind, I’ve listed SIX WAYS SOCIAL MEDIA CAN HELP you share positive business experiences. There are several social media sites, and more all the time, but I include the key players here.

#1 “Like” Each Other

When you do business with someone or meet them at a networking event, look for their page on Facebook. Search for their name, or check their website for a link. Click “Like” at the top of their Facebook page so you will begin seeing their posts in your newsfeed.

While visiting their website, also check to see if they are on other social networks. e.g. the recent addition of Google+ Pages.

#2 “Like” and Comment on Their Posts

Did you read something the company posted that you like? Click the “Like” button under the post. It only takes one second, and your “Like” promotes their visibility on other’s  newsfeed, bringing attention to their post.

If you can take a bit more time, writing a brief comment will go farther. More eyes will see the interaction and it will create goodwill. Comments can be added on Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. On Facebook business pages, a recent added feature is on the left side of a page there is a display of how many people are “talking about this” page. The higher this number, the more credibility a page has to newcomers.

#3 “Share” to pass on Posts on Your Personal Profile or Page

Beneath a Facebook post for most types of entries, a “Share” button displays. These can be shared (posted) on your personal profile or any Facebook page in which you are an admin. Take a second to include an introductory statement to personalize. This is a quick way to share other’s information with your connections.

Much like Facebook’s share feature, Twitter has a “retweet” function that allows you to share other’s tweets with your followers. They will be notified when you do this and it is a good way to meet and introduce yourself to new, like-minded people on Twitter.

#4 “Tag” Them in a Post

There are a couple of ways to notify and include others when you enter posts on your page. In Facebook, typing the @ then the person or page’s name will tag and link the person or page to the entry you make. You must be “friends” with the person or “Like” the page in order for this feature to work. Note that Facebook pages cannot tag people (personal profiles) at this time. Unfortunately, tagging can sometimes be finicky. What works one day may not work the next. It’s social media reality, keeping us guessing and perplexed at times!

When a person or page is tagged, they will receive a notification of your kind words or statement.

In addition to posts or status updates, photos and videos also allow a person to be tagged.

#5 Share Their “Links” on your Page or Personal Profile

When you visit a web page that you want to tell others about, copy and paste the URL into a post to share. Depending on the platform you are posting on, some social media sites offer a “link” field to paste the copied URL into while others platforms may need the link pasted it in the text field. Ideas of links to share may include:

  • Facebook Page
  • Events
  • Website

#6 Recommend on LinkedIn

A powerful feature of LinkedIn is the recommendation. Rather than request a recommendation, write one for someone else first. Seek out a professional you enjoy working with and write a recommendation for them. The link to do this is found on the right side of the person’s LinkedIn profile. Once you submit a recommendation, they will be notified to review and approve the recommendation before it is live on their LinkedIn profile. They person will also be asked if they would like to return the favor by writing a recommendation back.

As you know, the best way to learn in practice. I invite you to take a few minutes now and try each of these steps listed above. It not only will help you learn these options, but also spread some good cheer.

To view a visual presentation of the above information, please go HERE.

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3 Responses to “B2B … Social Media Style”

  1. Nate Roberts 23 November 2011 at 11:01 pm Permalink

    Those are some great tips. It has always amazed me how reluctant some business owners are to interact with other businesses through social media, yet they wonder why their social media campaigns are struggling.

    To succeed in social media, you must be social and become part of the conversation.

    • denise 24 November 2011 at 12:56 am Permalink

      Thanks Nate … yes, I think some forget about “social” media means being social. :)

  2. Dean Martin 2 February 2012 at 8:25 pm Permalink

    Most businesses are lost when it comes to social media – and in fact marketing in general in this new age of social equity and ‘creating a conversation’ with their clients.

    I had a potential client call and ask about doing some ‘reputation repair’ due to some bad reviews on the search engines. The problem was that the reviews were true and valid!

    I had a frank conversation with him that the first marketing plan that we would have to put in place is to fix the business processes and procedures that caused that poor customer experience.

    No amount of social media magic can overcome poor business practice.

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