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Using Hashmarks in Twitter

Twitter “tweets” or posts are limited to 140 characters making this social networking experience very different from the other networks. If you have a business that has ongoing news, specials and updates, this is the networking tool for you.

Success on Twitter is dependent on creating relevant content that will keep the interest and attention of your followers.

Twitter Mistake #1 Not using Hashmarks (#)

A Hashmark is a way of connecting Tweets through topics. You can use them in two ways.

1. Top searches often come with a hashmark. If you have content that is relevant to that topic, add the affiliated hashmark and those that are following that category will see your post.

As an example, Twitter was showing that #becauseoffacebook was trending (aka popular at the time). So, we tweeted:

“#becauseoffacebook and my clients wanting to learn how to use it for their business, I created this Twitter account.”

What this does is people that clicked on the trending word becauseoffacebook would then see the tweet we posted.

2. You can add a hashmark (#) to ongoing subject matter that you offer or your business name or industry, allowing those posts to be easily searched and located. For example, a company or program could add the same hashmark to their posts and then anyone that searches for that specific hashmark will then see all posts with that hashmark.

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